With EliteFitz, Shelia Fitzgerald strives to make intercontinental fashions and reasonable prices a global standard. At 17, Shelia joined the Air Force and ventured into a new world of exploration. Now as an Air Force flight attendant, Shelia has joined her experiences traveling the world with her love of fashion.

“I created EliteFitz because I wanted to bring a piece of my personal style as well as a piece of my travel lifestyle, in fashion form to women around the world,” shares Shelia. “For EliteFitz, I had a super feminine look in mind. I love when women feel sexy, yet comfortable and empowered. I wanted that to be reflected in our boxing experience, our pieces and everything we offer. “

EliteFitz does just that. Founded in 2015 and inspired by Shelia’s grandmother, EliteFitz features fashion forward garments and accessories for everyone from the everyday woman to the hardcore fashionista. EliteFitz features pieces handpicked by Shelia herself and are guaranteed to be high quality at affordable prices. “EliteFitz is reflection of my personal style,” says Shelia. “As a world traveler myself, I want to make sure that all women have access to similar styles as I do with recommendations included. With our travel exclusives, we aim to provide a piece of every countries style and flare for millennials who desire a blend of exclusivity and a taste of worldwide cultures.” 

EliteFitz promises to focus on enhancing life’s beauties from the inside out. No matter who you are, where you’re from or how much money you have, you can live life to its fullest potential with no limitations. Pack your bags and join the Movement! 

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